My very first car was a 1956 green Morris Minor with four doors and a little pop-up indicator.

How different from today’s super swanky models where you just press a button to start and instead of a handbrake, you push the “P”.

I was so proud of my little car, which covered plenty of miles during the time I spent living in New Zealand. Not too much went wrong with it, either.

Moving along from Morris the First, in recent years I’ve owned Lola the Corolla and now it’s Bluebird the Suzuki – a great motor that’s seen me drive around most of Australia (see my blog

Why am I writing about cars? Well, just like humans, cars, if they could talk, could tell many stories. Thinking back to Morris the First though, the stories that car could tell would likely have got me into plenty of trouble!

Whether you drive a Rolls Royce, a Mustang or a Mini, I bet you have a story to tell, and wouldn’t it be great to have your story preserved for posterity?

Do you have a special celebration in future – a milestone birthday, anniversary or family get-together?

Having written both corporate and personal memoirs, I am well qualified and would love to help with your particular project.

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