Whilst having lunch with a friend today, she related a really captivating story about an event in her life. I asked her if she had ever considered writing it down for her children.

Her response was typical of many people I speak to about this. “No,” she said, “although my kids often say I should write my life story.”

So, what is it that stops people from writing their stories?

My friend has a computer and is able to type, but says that when she thinks about starting to write, her mind goes blank.

A bit like writers’ block that many of us experience.

People I have interviewed say they find it easier to talk with someone about their life, rather than try to sit down and write themselves. Having someone to prompt, ask questions, motivate, suggest and encourage is, they tell me, much more stimulating.

This may be just one of the reasons why people might find it difficult to motivate themselves to write.

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