Now, more than ever, amidst the Covid Catastrophy, it’s time to recall the many stories of people’s resilience, bravery and generosity.

Think about the families who have lost their elderly relatives before their time, taking their life stories with them.

Unless these unique life stories have been written down, they will be lost forever.

Despite the many heartbreaking stories about businesses having to close, and people losing their jobs, Covid has also seen the emergence of entrepreneurship. The true ethos of the Aussie battler has come to the fore, with people developing new skills and starting new businesses.

You don’t often hear about these success stories, but there are many people doing amazing things out there in the community.

For instance, I know a lady in her fifties who has re-trained as a barber and now rides her motor scooter offering mobile men’s and ladies hairdressing services!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that everyone’s story is important, even if you just want to write your memories of the last few years about what it’s been like living through a Pandemic.

It’s also an extremely therapeutic process, having someone sitting with you to help talk you through your life and times.

Worth thinking about?

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