One of the most enjoyable and heart-warming activities I have done since being in Broome is spending time with my little grandson, who is now almost four years old.

To hear his peals of laughter and see him listening wide-eyed as I told him stories that I made up on the spur of the moment was an absolute joy.

We used to swim together in the pool at the Vacation Village where I stayed for a while, and in the middle of the pool was a man-made “rock”, or “pretend island.”

For us, it was also the secret home of Roly the fish.

My grandson and I giggled together and we knocked on the “door” of the rock to see if Roly was home.

“I think it’s dinner time” I would say, “and maybe one day you can go and have dinner with Roly. He would love to see you.”

We speculated about what Roly might cook for dinner and imagined endless scenarios about how we might enter through the little door in the rock to find our little friend.

Such a story is a nonsense of course, but now, when I swim alone in the pool, the memories of that time, the words and the laughter come to mind and bring happiness.

I hope that the memories of this time will stay with my little grandson as he continues his life journey and that he will one day be able to tell his own children about the fictional character of Roly the fish invented by his loving grandmother.

All of us have special childhood memories; some which make us smile, others which bring tears.  But they are part of our journey through life and worth recording for future generations to cherish and enjoy.

Many people still say to me that they wish they had written down the stories from their childhood, or recorded the stories of their parents, or grandparents while they were still alive.

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