I’ve had the good fortune to be associated with many wonderful people, some of whose stories are listed below.

You are a King, My Son

The story of Reginald Sinclair Hillard Smith and his son Warren Reginald Smith, detailing the history of Reg Smith and his racing career, and the successful family car business ‘Garry & Warren Smith Cars’ in Melbourne, Australia.

You Make Your Own Luck

The life story of Bruce Heymanson (Heymo) , once described as “the Godfather of Essendon Football Club” in Melbourne, Australia.

Taking You Places

The history of the Grenda Corporation, one of Australia’s best-known and possibly the largest family-run bus and coach enterprise.

Good One Max

The life story of Max Kirwan OAM, who developed the sport of water skiing through 40 years of involvement as well as representing the sport as president of the Australian Water Ski Association for eight years from 1970 to 1978.

Personal Life Stories

Here are a couple of my favourites –

In My Own Words

For Enid’s story, I travelled to Dunedin in New Zealand to conduct the interviews. She was a born and bred Liverpudlian who had lived through some really hard times but who had had an interesting and very varied life, both as a mother and as a poet.

A Life in Progress …

Rita O’Brien became a much-loved subject as I explored her life story with her. She was such a refined lady – imagine her horror when she found out she likely had some “skeletons in the cupboard” she didn’t previously know about!

A couple of Editing Projects