Fishing trip to Roebuck Bay with Broome Senior High School Follow the Dream students

Having travelled a great deal, I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures.

This, of course, involves talking with the locals, and the importance of language and the ability to communicate effectively is never more apparent.

In 2016,  whilst at Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, I completed a TESOL course, which involved teaching English to some of our international students at Holmesglen.

Whilst living in Broome, Western Australia during 2018 and 2019, I had a lot of fun tutoring a young Belgian couple who were hoping to improve their English to enable them to obtain permanent residency in Australia,

I also enjoyed working on the Follow the Dream Program for Indigenous students, run by Broome Senior High School.

My TESOL qualification, plus my background in personal counselling, and a lifelong writing career has provided me with the skills to effectively motivate, encourage and mentor students to improve their skills in writing and speaking English.

I look forward to assisting students both at High School and from other countries, with their English and ESL tutoring.

Please contact me on 0419 382 180 to discuss further.